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About me

For your memorial time with your family.

Smile Photo is a photoshoot photographer working mainly Nagoya.

I take your family photo, birthday photo, 753, first pray etc...

For a memorial moment what you are never tooked in a photo studio.


Photographer:Keisuke Baba
Freelance photographer in Nagoya.

I support your family smile by picture.

This is the reason why I launched "Smile Photo".


Precious thing is photo of memories, not a formal photo.

Hi I'm Keisuke baba at "Smile Photo".

"Smile Photo" is the best way to you for be take a photo of your family's memories.

If you want to be take a photo, you might go to a photo studio.

But there is a picture that you never get in the photo studio.

It is a memories.

For example, what is a best memory of your child's birthday?

Eating birthday cake, greeting from friends, some birthday gifts, these are the memories.

Best memory is the moment of these fun experience.

Do you want to be take a memorial photo with your child's laughing face or joyful moment?

Off course everybody say yes.


And you are an event participant, not a recorder.

If you are a recorder, the moment you are having fun with your children is not reflected in a photo.

Your child will be glad to be take a pictures with you.

In the future your child be an adult and seeing these photo., your child will remember love from you and your family.

Precious thing is photo of memories, not a formal photo.

So If you want to be take a memorial photo, "Smile Photo" is the best way.



30min plan

time:For 30 minutes

cost:Daily ¥8,000 (holiday +¥1500)

         + moving expenses

data:45 pictures or more

60min plan

time:For 60 minutes

cost:Daily ¥12,000(holiday +¥1500)

         + moving expenses

data:85 pictures or more

Discount and surcharge

Repeater : ¥1000 discount (30min)
                : ¥1500 discount (60min)
Introduced : ¥1000 discount (30min)
                   : ¥1500 discount (60min)
October and November : ¥5000 surcharge

Wedding photo plan

Ceremony :¥25,000
Reception :¥35,000
Ceremony & Reception
Second Party:¥30,000

Photo book


21 × 21 cm ( 20 pages )   :¥10,000

Per 4 Pages         : +¥2,000

After 2nd ( 20 pages )    :   ¥3,500

Per 4 Pages         :    +¥500

Moving expenses

It's 1500 yen for Nagoya

Not only Aichi area but Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, All area in Japan.It's 1500 yen for Nagoya area。

But It's free for Meito-ku area in Nagoya.

For example, It's to Atsuta shrine is 1500 yen.

Please contact me if you mind how much cost to go to your desired place.

About contact and caution

Please contact me via email or contact form.

Open   : 8:00〜17:00

Cancel cost : It's free up to 2 hours before reserved time.

Caution : If photographer get a sick, get a machine trouble or an accident, your reservation will be canceled without guarantee.


Thank you for contact me.

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